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Re: [IP] M.D.I. question

Hey Furb,  I can do one even better than your 1.5 hours.  Our 'trainer' was 
actually in our house for a whopping HALF-HOUR and was in such a hurry to 
leave that she left all of her training materials here!

  We have learned EVERYTHING from this list but especially from this 
incredibly wonderful person KERRI, who  is the most amazing DMer mom herself 
and a good friend.  And LOTS of reading!  We have NO CDEs available to us, no 
trainers of any kind, but we do have THE WORLD'S BEST ENDO who is always very 

  It can be done, and is even more doable with the help of this FANTASTIC 
family on the IP list!

Thanks everyone!!  And by the way I will be gone...FISHIN...with Josh down at 
Grandma's and Grandpa's for the long weekend!  See ya on Monday!!!  Leaving 
tomorrow, friday!

mom to Joshua
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