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Re: [IP] quick sets

>From: email @ redacted

>Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 19:33:51 EDT
>I just tried my one sample of quick sets that minimed sent me.  They must 
>back ordered because it took me three tries and then only got one set.
>Anyway - I like how easy they went in and my sugars have been good, but I 
>having the hardest time disconnecting.  I have showered by clipping the 
>to the top of my shower door and that works OK.  My husband was able to
>disconnect for me but I have had the hardest time coordinating my hands and
>not pulling the set out of me to disconnect.  Does any one have any tips on
>the best way to disconnect.  Please help!!!!!!  Debby

They have had a lot or orders for Quick-sets  and told me I might only get 1 
box at 1st, but I got 3 boxes a couple of wks ago. I too had a hard time 
disconnecting. And my husband couldn't get it either. So I called MiniMed 
and while on the phone with them, I finally was able to get it disconnected. 
I think the trick is to be able to push it in hard and turn at the same 
time. It is easier for me if it is on my mid-riff or hip area, where there 
is not much fat and I can push it in more firmly, rather than on my stomach, 
where there is more fat and it is hard to push in and get a firm grip to 
give it that turn to get those arrows marched up. I got the 6 mm and find it 
very comfortable and don't even feel it when it is inserted, so I quess that 
worth the hassel of the dificulty in disconnecting it, which I think will 
get easier with more experience with it.


email @ redacted

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