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[IP] RE: IV Prep

Andrew Aronoff <email @ redacted> wrote:
> FYI, swabbed alcohol does NOT, repeat NOT, sterilize anything,
> least of all
> your skin. It merely cleans it. Soap and water do as well, if not better.

This is true.  Ispropyl alcohol DOES kill some bacteria, but not a
significant amount immediately (I was told 10 minutes of soaking in it will
kill most bacteria, but that's neither practical nor good for your skin).

Has anyone actually looked at the "ingredients" of IV Prep, though?  I find
it amusing that the "active ingredient" is 70% ispropyl alcohol, which is
fine for removing dirt but isn't an effective antibacterial agent, but in
the INACTIVE ingredients list is triclosan, the broad-spectrum antimicrobial
that's working it's way into just about EVERY "antibacterial" product
nowadays (from soap to sweatsocks!  The wide use of triclosan is actually
somewhat disturbing, as it may just be breeding resistant bugs...)

Anyway, IV Prep DOES theoretically provide SOME greater sterilizing power
than a plain alcohol swab, but probably not enough to be significant.

My site prep process is a LOT more thorough than most people would find
necessary, but I AM prone to both site infections and tape not sticking to
my skin:

1.  Clean site in shower, using apricot scrub to really remove any dirt and
loose skin cells.

2.  After drying, clean site with a Betadine swab.  Allow to dry.

3.  Remove excess betadine with an alcohol swab.  Allow to dry.

4.  Prep site with IV Prep.  This both puts down the layer that the tape
sticks to nicely, and further removes any residual betadine that the alcohol
swab couldn't get.  Allow to dry.

5.  Insert infusion set (I use Tenders).

6.  Cover with IV3000 (the tape that seems to stick best to me), with a hole
cut out so that the Tender remains disconnectable.

This is completely overkill for just about anyone, probably including me,
but I haven't had any problems since adopting this procedure...

--Greg                              http://www.pobox.com/~gregleg/
"Ahhhh credit cards, the enthusiasts summer friend, winter enemy."
  -- posted on rec.roller-coaster
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