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re: [IP] QuickSets/MiniMed responsiveness

While MiniMed has indicated some supply issues with
the QuickSets to us in the past 2 months, they have
almost always been VERY responsive to us.  I'd much
rather deal with them the mail order pharmacy we have
to use for insulin & strips.  The 2 times I did not
get a rapid response from MiniMed, I called back about
1 hr later & got someone different.  I have been very
persistent, and they may have my name on some list
there, but they respond.  They have not let Luke run
out of sets since converting, and they did exchange 2
boxes (only full ones) of Sofsets as well.  

The 2 times I did have a problem, the next customer
service rep fixed it, and apologized profusely.  Do
not hesitate to ask for their supervisor, though.  The
best reps have given me an action plan & then had
their supervisor call me back to confirm it.  I would
definitely call them back & tell them that other
people are getting samples & deliveries & exchanges w/
no issues.  It's in MiniMed's best interest to keep
their clients well-serviced.

Good luck,
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6 yrs. old, dx'd
10/15/99, pumping 3/5/01

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