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[IP] Re: Diabetes and Pregnancy

    I got to agree with everyone else on this one.  Your glucose 'averages'
are right where they need to be.  There is a danger to both you and your baby
if your glucose is swinging all over the place (both from Hypoglycemia and
Hyperglycemia).  If 125 mg/dl is the highest you've been, I'd say your doing a
fine job.  The range you give is excellent, and seems well controlled.  This
is truly amazing since pregnancy has a tendency to raise insulin resistance in
the body.  Furthermore, to keep yourself around 100 mg/dl constantly is
unreasonable and impossible.  Also it would mean that you'd be running a
greater risk of having an hypoglycemic reaction which would be just as
dangerous for your baby as if you were running 200 mg/dl all the time.
    I actually copied your post and emailed it to my OB/GYN professor at
school.  She said that she wished you were her patient.  Her last diabetic Mom
really struggled to keep it below 130 mg/dl on average and she was sweating
bullets until the baby was born.  She said for you "... to keep up the good
work, Mom."

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