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Re: [IP] RE: quick sets

Bravo John,

     I too had the exact thing happen to me yesterday and after getting
totally out of control yesterday evening  via our chat format, and i
formally apologize to all whom i upset last night. Soooo, I decided i needed
to take a second look at the current quick-set situation at MM, I too
decided to keep my supplies and "wait" patiently now for my new best friends
in pumping, the mm quik-sets.  Regards,
Furb :o}
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Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2001 7:01 PM
Subject: [IP] RE: quick sets

> >>Did minimed make you pay for your sample too??
> >>this kind of upsets me.  I had to pay 12 dollars to get two sets
> >>sent to me.
> >>After all the money they get from my insurance company and myself this
> >>ridiculous!! Jenni
> >spot answers:
> >Do NOT interpret this as pump bashing. I love my minimed pump but I felt
> >compelled to write this:
> >There is a Yiddish word for this "chazzer", rhymes with and sounds like
> >bazzer.  it means PIG, oink oink unkosher.
> >Minimed, not content to capture a large portion of the pump Market now is
> >exploiting their position with this kind of behavior. I know that they
> >put a lot of resources into their research and development
> >efforts, CGMS has
> >been a big bust. because they did not have the sense to force the payment
> >issue first Sadly economics dictate thatDocs cannot afford to buy
> >stuff that
> >they can't bill for no matter how wonderful it is or how much good
> >it will do.
> >I called up and as a physician had to call twice to get a couple
> >of samples.
> >I'm glad I didn't buy the box, I like the sils better. after 18
> >months I have
> >a near painless way to insert them and the disconnect thing is a non
> >with me. I hear their new pump will just about lock up the
> >supplies market. I
> >have always bought all my stuff from Hollywood Medical which is owned by
> >Minimed. I've spent thousands of dollars and the service has been great.
> >love the pump and the company has been wonderful in their
> >development efforts
> >but the tactics and marketing end has been less than exemplary. I'm
> >considering changing supplies companies. so, minimed lets revert to a
> >kosher behavior pattern. no more oink oink.  spot
> In my opinion, there is a dual purpose for offering a free sample of the
> Quick-Set, or any other product.  First, it is to accommodate the customer
> because the company realizes that their pump users need to properly
> a new product before expending large amounts of personal and/or insurance
> money.  The second reason is that any company needs to promote a new
> to position itself against competitors.  It is not required, despite the
> popular I am entitled to free stuff opinion, that any company give their
> wares away.  Try calling any of your local retailers to request a free
> sample of their product!  MiniMed, and the other pump companies, have
> been very generous and accommodating to their customers.  Most of the time
> there is a valid reason for any business decision.  If it comes to telling
> customer that their order cannot be filled because the product is in short
> supply or to tell another customer, who wants a free sample of the same
> product, that the product is in very limited supply and not available for
> free distribution, I know what I would do.  I would charge for the sample.
> That would enable those who need a sample (to make a decision on what to
> order) to get one, while discouraging others who are just curious and who
> would otherwise like to accommodate.  Two weeks ago, I called MiniMed to
> place an order for supplies.  I was asked if I wanted my usual order of
> Sof-Sets.  No mention of Quick-Sets; so I inquired.  I wanted to split the
> order so I could evaluate the QS.  I could not split the order but they
> offered to send a sample and, if I preferred the QS, I could make an
> exchange.  Well, I did like the QS so I called back to arrange for the
> exchange.  Jokingly, I asked what they were going to do with all the
> Sof-Sets that were destined to be sent back.  I was told that was no
> but the QS was in very short supply and they had just that morning stopped
> all samples and exchanges.  However, since I was advised prior to the
> decision I could make the exchange.  Since I also like the Sof-Sets I
> if it would be preferable to MiniMed if I just kept them.  They said it
> would help them out but it was entirely up to me.  I kept the Sof-Sets.
> business decision is going to please everyone.  I think MiniMed made the
> right decision that balances their interests, the customers interests and
> the available supply of Quick-Sets.
> John Kinsley
> Type 1 - 1956
> MiniMed 507 - 1998
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