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[IP] ready to give up!

       I'm sorry to ramble but i need to get this off my chest.
       I have been diabetic for almost 6 years and on my MM 507C for almost 3 
years.  I am on my 6th pump since begining and had two pumps die the day 
before i gave birth to my two kids.
       I do presentations about diabetes awareness and know all the dangers 
of bad conrtol.  I have been struggling and have had higth sugars for a 
couple of weeks now.  I have a pain in my left side that will not go away and 
the doc's say that they can't find any problem except that i am in pain.
Yesterday i was at 489 BS and took 100 units and only cme down to 130 BS.  My 
doctor is saying that 1 unit of humilog should bring me down 25 points but it 
is not ovbiously!  They want me to test every hour for a week and i have two 
small children 1 and 2 1/2 years old plus i watch two other kids, one after 
school and the other all day!  I don't remember to check my sugar every hour 
and when i set the timer i can't always drop things to check it.  I reall 
want to get this under control but need to find so other suggestions.
       I am so stressed out my husbanmd was hurt in a car assident while on 
the job and the workmans comp. has denied his claim.  so we have an attorney 
to help us but he has been out of work since march 30th with no pay.  we are 
just barley making it on my baby sitting money but the kids i watch are 
getting ready to go on vacation so i will loose out on another weeks pay!
       If any one has any suggestions or tips that could help me unstress and 
get under control please let me know.  Sorry this is so long but i had to 
tell someone who knows what is going on!

Thanks again,
dx'd 9/95 pumping since 8/98
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