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Pum[p]er's wife wrote:
>While cahnging  his set yesterday, my husband accidentally used an alcohol 
>swab to clean the new site instead of an IV Prep swab. He was very upset 
>and  wanted to pull it out and get another set, for fear of infection.
>Has this ever happened to anyone out there?  Any advice would be appreciated.

I've never used an IV Prep, so I've never had occasion to get upset about 
that. ;-) I don't typically use alcohol either. I try to change my infusion 
set after I shower; clean skin (and respecting the appropriate set change 
frequency) is all that's really needed to avoid infection.

FYI, swabbed alcohol does NOT, repeat NOT, sterilize anything, least of all 
your skin. It merely cleans it. Soap and water do as well, if not better.

I do use alcohol swabs -- they come in handy to clean my fingertips before 
using the lancet device when there's no soap and water handy. I used 
several swabs today while on a bike trip.

regards, Andy
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