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Re: [IP] Spot's great advice

At 01:32 PM 05/24/2001 , email @ redacted wrote:
>i totally agree with you
>it is so easy to say "oh well get another doctor" WELL hello I cannot get
>another doctor. I am stuck with this one WHO DOES NOT CARE. I have doen all i
>can, I am doing as well as I can under my own care. ( oh dear i am sure you
>will have lots to say about that remark too wont you. ugh)

You are very welcome on my 

I think you are probably in a much better emotional place than those who 
are always looking for the "holy grail" and the newer/better/ultimate way 
of treating diabetes....  The "better the FIX" greater the impact if it no 
longer meets emotional expectations and especially there isn't a next 
newer/better...... Have been an "outside observer" to more than 1 of those 
emotional CRASH and BURNS....

My most "energetic responses" have been when the post brought up feelings 
that I wasn't able to deal with and I emotionally "THREW UP" over the 
"cause" of that feeling - attack or protection around an unacknowledged fear?

With the intensity of feelings that have been boiling inside me, I would 
rather enjoy someone attacking me through email.  I do, however, make a 
promise that I will do my best to make sure that "you" really are attacking 
me and "you" will need to acknowledge that attack - Take responsibility for 
an attack and I will take no prisoners.....

.... to make it very clear, I am not threatening anyone!!!!!!!!!


Jim S.
email @ redacted
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