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Re: [IP] Pumping in school

IWe have been very lucky about the pump in school.  There are 5 diabetic 
children in John's school of 800 (what are the odds of that?).  Within the 
past five months 4 of the 5 have gone on the pump.  Since we were third the 
plan had already been worked out.  All 4 of them routinely check bg at 9:00, 
before lunch and 2 hours after lunch.  Our nurses are heaven sent.  One of 
our nurses even attended pump training. (Don't get excited only one nurse is 
on duty at at time!)  I'm sure the nurses are glad everyone is on the 508.

Mom of John,7

<< My daughter, Alyssa is 9 and just starting the pump last week.  She is
 wearing it to school and gave a mini demo to the teachers and staff.  We
 are very fortunate to have a school that supports her.  We got a book
 from Minimed "Pumper in the School" which you can get for free by
 calling their customer support line.  This answered a lot of questions
 that the teachers had. >>
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