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[IP] Re: Free FreeStyle Meter

Hi Everyone,

  I was so shocked,  My endro has wrote out a Rx for the Free Style meter, 
well long and behold my insurance company will not pay for it.  I by chanced 
called the Free Style company and asked if they could help me with the 
insurance, as their meter can be ordered directly from them.  I asked what 
type of lancets the meter uses, and turns out the lancet's that I have will 
work with their meter.

  After the nice conversation with the lady on the phone, to my surpirse 
after giving her all of my info, name, address, phone, etc. and knowing that 
the insurance company is not willing to pay,  They offered to send me a free 
Free Style meter onlong with test strips.  I was amazed and delighted.  
Afterwards, I called Ameria Health and told them of the free meter, now with 
a letter from my Dr. of Medical Necessity, they will pay for the stips.  

  I am pleased that there are companie's out there, that do care.  There's 
was not a cost factor.  Now for the better news. (feels like Christmas here 
for me...)  My CDE called today as well, i told her the good news. and told 
her that I want to buy the software for it.  I have bad eyes and figured 
downloaded and graphs of bg's would better for me and my endro.  She told me 
not to purchase it as she has an extra one from the sales rep. of Free Style, 
 I thought geez this was my lucky day.  Now if I could only win the Lottery 
and donate a big porton to a cure for all of US.

  Waiting arrival of new meter sometime next week.  Please can any of you 
tell me how much you like the Free Style.  

Hug's, Kitty ( with sore fingers)
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