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[IP] Choice

SNIP>>>>>>Sorry, but I get frustrated when
>people tell me how non caring their Doc is.  Like Doctor Spot!

I agree but with one important caveat:  In many areas there is no 
choice of
doctor.  Here in NS, up until the last month, there was only one 
endo who
sees pump patients and he's very anti-pump.  The government 
simply will not
allow referrals to endos outside the province where one exists who 
is "on
paper" a pump doctor.  I will conyinue to whine about my lackof 
endo but I
am soon in the process of asking permission form the government 
to change
endos now that there are two who are open, although 
inexepereinced, to the


Darrin Parker - Nova Scotia, Canada! >>>>>SNIP

As soon as I hit "send", (thereby, exhibiting my frequent 
fingers/mouth in motion before brain in gear disease) I realized how 
fortunate I was to have a choice.....you are right.  You don't have a 
choice, and many people on the dreaded HMOs do not have the 
freedom of choosing an Endo.  Further, there may not be a 
selection in their area.

I am so lucky to have BCBS and am able and willing to drive the 
two hours from Huntsville, AL to Birmingham, AL to the Kirklin 
Clinic for my Endo visits  4 times a year.  As a matter of fact I saw 
him this morning and I asked him to do a liver check because of 
the ten or more years of taking NSaids and Celebrex.    I went 
down and gave my quart of blood.  He has said next visit in 
September he will do a fasting thorough testing.   I get kind of 
tickled at him, I keep telling him he ought to get on this list.  He 
kinda smirks when I tell him about some of the things I 
learn....child that he is.  I finally told him about using Velosulin and 
how much it helped with my sites (he had said "let's not do that" 
last year when I asked about it).   As he often tells me I am his 
best diabetic patient, he isn't going to fuss too much.  The last five 
years hbaic's have been from 5.7 to 6.3 - and I plan to live long 
enough to really drive my children crazy!  

So to those of you who don't have the choices available that I do, I 
am sorry.  I guess you have to educate who you have to best of 
your and their ability and keep on keeping on.   I sorry I blew you 
off in my statements.   Once again, that was not my intent.  
Still learning how to communicate.....
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