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Mel (and Pumpy) wrote:
<Well she looked at me and said "that is unexceptable"  she said that she
wants me to be 100 all the time!  And here I am thinking that most of your
non-diabetics are running higher than 100 after there meals.  I got up the
nerve to tell her that I didn't think that 125 was all that bad.  I told her
that I know pumpers who have had many bg swings of very high bg's and lows
and they have beautiful babies now.
Was I wrong?  Are these bg's too high?  If anyone has pumping pregnancy
experience please drop me a line and let me know what you think!>

Tell her that kind of "superman" thinking is 'unacceptable'  I know of many
'betic moms who weren't nearly as well controlled as you and they and their
children are fine.

Maybe in a "perfect World" you could be 100 'all the time' but y'know, it
lust doesn't work that way...You wouldn't be diabetic either!

Keep up your good work!

Jenny Sutherland
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