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[IP] Re: Ankle Swelling

Bud Hopper writes:
>I thought this might be something that could ease the concern of others.
Dr. Spot has been helping me "off list," but here is my question to him with
his reply:

> Hi, spot!
> Here's a question for clarification.  My daughter is an RN and was by the
house yesterday.  She pressed on my ankles and said I have 4+ pitted pedal
edema, and I should let my doctor know this.
I told her I have been on my feet at a food show for four solid days with no
breaks.  The swelling diminishes by morning. She was also concerned that my
left ankle was not nearly as bad as the
right.  She feels I may have congestive heart failure or kidney problems, even
though my recent blood workup was all normal (A1C was 6.0).

Spot replied:
> Are you taking any statin drugs like lipotor, zocor or pravachol? are you
taking any troglitazone drugs like actos?  Are you short of breath. most
probably it is something you are taking. kidney failure and congestive heart
failure are not conditions whih exist in isolation.  you can respond off list.

<end of posts>

Well, I'm neither Spot nor an RN, but I do have kidney problems and swelling.
Bud, you state your *recent blood workup was all normal (A1C was 6.0)*. What
was the 24-hr. urine test results? And what did the blood workup include or
was it *just* the A1C? Having DM 27 years certainly could make one sit up and
consider kidney problems. My left ankle usually gets larger than my right one
and they are always reduced by morning. My kidneys are presently functioning
at 16%. *I* think your dtr is correct in letting your doctor know about this.
Sure wouldn't hurt to get care if you need it just for the peace of mind - and
knowing everything is hunky-dory is great as well. YMMV (~_^)

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