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Re: [IP] My pump is here!

At 10:23 5/23/01, you wrote:
>Only 1 week and 2 days after suggesting the pump to my Endo it is here
>sitting in the box  and ready to go.  I suppose it may have been quicker but
>I was getting competitive bids from different pump companies to reduce the
>out of pocket cost.  The trainer is supposed to contact me within 48 hours.
>It is so hard to wait, I just know I could set this puppy up myself.  I will
>be good, I will, I will (trying to convince myself.)

Go ahead, open the box and read everything!  I received the MiniMed 508 
which had a great manual and video.
The more you know before your nurse shows up, the better your questions 
will be and knowledge is the key to making this work.

I cannot think of anything you could do to hurt the pump that I have just 
by pressing the buttons, so play with it.

Remember, you just received a $4000.+ toy, so play with it before it is 
hooked up to you!

Have fun, good luck and congratulations!

I have been only pumping for 2 weeks and I feel fantastic!


Some days are just not worth chewing through the restraints to participate 
in. ;-)
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