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[IP] insurance woes update

Here is what I know so far. Blue Cross in California has quit upgrading
pumps. Therefore, even though my son has had his pump for 4 1/2 years, they
won't replace it. If he sends it in for service, they will pay for that (I
assume they will pay 80%, and not all) And IF the repair will be more than
half the cost of the pump, they will upgrade.

His pump is working all right now. It did have a brief period of no warning
for battery failure, but now that is working...on its own. This is the kind
of off-again on-again glitch that older machinery sometimes gets, which is
why I wanted him to have a new pump before college. However, he does have a
MM507, which I understand is a very reliable pump...has been for us, anyway,
so maybe we are better off just sticking to it. Still, I don't like the
blanket refusal to upgrade.

I am going to call MiniMed and see what the rep says. Frankly, I hate to
take him off the pump to send it in for a check up. Do you think they may
send us a loaner pump? He has NEVER had to quit pumping since the day he
started. I hate managed care. Several of my doctors have opted out of it,
particularly the specialists, and I am really beginning to see why. The docs
have no autonomy, no benefit of knowing what is best for the individual.

My asthma specialist said managed care was going to cause deaths, and I
believe him
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