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Re: [IP] A cry for help?


At 06:32 PM 05/23/2001 , you wrote:
>That's too bad the writer was upset by Dr. Spot's letter. This is cyberspace
>and we don't see/know one another. The information given in the original post
>sounded like someone needed/needs to get involved with her care. Depression is
>very common with DM and we don't know the state of mind or what is behind a
>letter when someone says they haven't seen a doctor for 9 years (I think it
>was). We had one gal on here who announced she was *checking out* and we were
>very concerned and she was tracked down and was helped.

And I will ask Non P.C. rhetorical question:  And how many are there who 
have been to all the "right" people, got on the right meds, worked 
diligently at controlling the diabetes and then get to the point of not 
"being able to do it any more"....

>I will be meeting a DMer from another list - in her mid 30s - in about 10
>days - who has had DM about 25 years. She was in complete denial without
>doctors' care and wheelchair-bound for awhile due to severe neuropathy. She
>had a stroke last fall and is still in the hospital - a trach put in, removed,
>and reinserted. She is able to move her arms and her one wrist is now
>beginning to move. Had she cared enough to get doctors' care, PERHAPS she
>would not be in this state today.

.....and PERHAPS she was doing the best that she could and it wouldn't have 
made any difference.....

Not asking anyone to break their anonymity. How does a person get someone 
else to quit drinking? Is that any different from getting someone to take 
care of their diabetes? How can you do it? - The people who have been there 
may simply say "only they can do it"....

>We get to *know* one another through this forum by our e-mails and printed
>thoughts - without facial expressions or voice intonations. It would be more
>upsetting if the writer were really on a *collision course* (as the above DMer
>I told about is) and NO ONE cared enough to post a letter like our dear Spot
>did. Then there would be cause to be upset. I guess we just can't win no
>matter what we do sometimes. (~_^)

If we post thinking we know what's best for someone else or KNOW how they 
feel there may be more problems than doing nothing..... (not related to an 
obvious call for help)

A few years ago I saw a lot "congratulations" posts to someone because that 
person had a year before they needed to go on dialysis.....  Talk about 
devastation, the person was attempting to deal with the reality of the 
situation and for a while stopped posting because of the "well meaning" 

>Jan (61 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83) & Bluda Sue (MM507C 3/99)

I might get the courage to resend something that went to another list - I 
know what I need to do; I want to do it: and "brain fade" is reducing 
stress (only short term) by forgetting to do it.......

"I have too many other things going on to worry about the diabetes".....
"If I acknowledged my fear about the diabetes, I wouldn't be able to do 
what I need to."
"Flying is my life and if I need to go on insulin I will be giving up my life!"
"I'm loosing weight to get off insulin........they just told me I'm type I"

"I had to make a scene psych department's waiting room so they would talk 
to me about the diabetes"

"I have no feelings about diabetes"

"My identical twin sister weighs twice as much as I do and she doesn't have 
diabetes; I HATE HER!!!!!!"

If it is really safe feelings start appearing more frequently within the 
"how to's"....

Take what you like and leave the rest,

Jim S.
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