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[IP] Re: same day surgery

Always treat, in one way or another.  If not too
low, just lower your basal rate a sufficient amount
to overcome the low.  You may want to lower it if
you are below 120 to get it over 130.  I was allowed
to take my bp pills, with water, so that I would
think that a glucose tab would not be out of line. 
I would always recommend to do a trial run, a fast,
under the same conditions that you will have for
your surgery.  Adjust your basal so that you should
be a 'little' high, which is easier to treat with a
bolus, rather than having to eat.  Ask the
anesthesiologist where he/she wants your bg's, then
deliver.  I would normally guess that with less
activity your bg's might run a little high, rather
than low, which is all right.

>> I'm wondering what to do if i am low the night before and can't drink or eat 
anything, do you just not treat and hope your liver
kicks in?
I have so many thoughts running thru my head and
I wonder if this is common in diabetics like people
on the list said carpal 
tunnel is? <<

I have learned that there are a lot of things that
they are not really sure about that continue to be
associated with dm.  When I had carpal tunnel ('77)
I was told that it was absolutely not related to
either dm or my job (jack hammer and sledge hammer
not just typing).  Those surgeons would be laughed
out of medical school now.

>> I wonder if it is going to be really painful?
full of questions and some fear her in MO

IIRC, it was 'uncomfortable' painful, but nothing
debilitating.  I was still able to drive, although
not a stick shift.  They should give you good drugs.

Faith and ?? <<

I have had both carpal tunnels done back in '77 and
had 3 visits to the local parts shop in the past
couple months.  If you have any questions, please
contact me.  There is a bunch in the archives
regarding surgery and pumps.  When I went recently,
I wanted to make sure that the next time, neither
the surgeon, nor the anesthesiologist, would
hesitate about allowing a pumper to wear their pump
the next time.  I succeeded.
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