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Re: [IP] frozen shoulder

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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 2:38 AM
Subject: [IP] frozen shoulder


I have/had adhesive capsulitis in both shoulders.  I was originally treated
for tendinitis, in my right, but I really think I had both to start with.  I
had a acromioplasty (they take bone off the acromion) first with no
improvement, then a manipulation under anesthesia to break the adhesions.
That didn't work for me.  Then another acromioplasty to remove more bone and
I still had a terrible time.  My Dr. finally sent me to a shoulder
specialist and he did a full capsular release (cuts the ligaments around the
joint capsule and gets rid of the adhesions) and it was a absolute miracle.
My therapist couldn't believe how far my arm moved after surgery.  I know
have Avascualr Necrosis in my right shoulder and am having a core
decompression done next month.

After my right was better he moved on to my left.

Acromioplasty twice (plus they cleaned out a bunch of stuff) then in January
he did a biceps release.  I am still having a great deal of pain and just
found out today, losing motion.  My Dr. said he has done partial capsular
release on my left twice, but I really think I am dealing with frozen
shoulder again.  He told me that Diabetics are very difficult to treat when
they have this and my problems are "recalcitrant".  I tell him I am the
patient who won't go away. I have been dealing with this since 1995.

Have you had X-rays or MRI study to help with a diagnosis?  My symptoms for
frozen shoulder are pain while sleeping, limited range of motion and pain
when trying to move it.  I also have pain on the top of my shoulder, and
with motion the pain is diffuse.  Just dropping my shoulder down hurts.  I
have chest pain and pain under my arm on my right side.  I think limited
motion with pain is the biggest symptom of frozen shoulder.

All your pain could also keep your blood sugars out of control as well as
the injections.  You have a lot going on and I hope you can get some answers
and get it taken care of.

Best of luck to you,
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