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Re: [IP] same day surgery

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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 5:12 PM
Subject: [IP] same day surgery

I have gone through many surgeries and my surgeon always told me if I went
low during the night before surgery that it would be ok to drink apple
juice, as it is a clear liquid- but no food.  He also said he prefers me to
be a little "sweet" the day of surgery.  I never did go low - the
anxiety/stress ALWAYS raises my blood sugar.  Check with your Dr. first, but
I have been told this by a couple different surgeons.

I am going through surgery next month on  my shoulder so I understand what
you're going through in regard to your pump.  I have to figure out the same
thing - someone suggested that my surgeon write a note stating that I am to
stay on my pump and also to discuss it with anesthesia before I even go to
the hospital.

 I have had several hand surgeries, but never carpal tunnel and they were
truly not that painful.  Don't be afraid to ask for meds if you need them.

Good luck to you!

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