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: [IP] How Often do you have Lows? (Poll)

Subject: [IP] How Often do you have Lows? (Poll)

Hi all:  Just wondering how often most people find they are having lows?

My son is 5 and due to so many variables he will have a low, some not too
almost daily.  I find exercise is a hard factor to prepare him for, so he
often go low in the middle of the night due to this activity. It is not a
basal/bolus thing, I just need to be VERY accurate with carbs and to keep an
eye on the extra exercise and excitement that can drop him low.  He is very
aware of his lows, and most are not severe.  I think in total we have had
about 4 severe lows in the 3 years since dx.  By low I mean the shaky, pale
type low.

We all have lows. Some we feel, some we don't
The pump doesn't prevent lows it allows you to prepare for them. it allows you
to  modify your insulin dose to match your activity that's why there are
different basal rates, in general if you have only a couple of basal rates you
are not getting your best pumping experience. I'd say that a little kid cannot
communicate satsfactorily enough info for you to set different basals so you
may have to increase testing frequency but I'm not a peds endo, plus kids have
periods when growth hormone is high causing highs. talk to your endo. none of
us can tell you how to handle this for your kid. HMDV his milage does vary.
diabetes is unpredictable and lousy for a litlle kid to have but there have
evolved ways to handle it. talk with your doc and cde. good luck. severe lows
are unresponsive episodes possibly attended by seizures and confusion with
little kids you always need to be precise, there isn't much insulin resistance
and not much volume to dilte the insulin in the body Careful measurement is
usually a way of avoiding lows, highs and see-saw blood sugars.spot.
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