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[IP] quick sets

From: "CHRISTOPHER L GLOEDE" <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] quick sets

Did minimed make you pay for your sample too??
this kind of upsets me.  I had to pay 12 dollars to get two sets sent to me.
After all the money they get from my insurance company and myself this is
ridiculous!! Jenni
spot answers:
Do NOT interpret this as pump bashing. I love my minimed pump but I felt
compelled to write this:
There is a Yiddish word for this "chazzer", rhymes with and sounds like
bazzer.  it means PIG, oink oink unkosher.
Minimed, not content to capture a large portion of the pump Market now is
exploiting their position with this kind of behavior. I know that they have
put a lot of resources into their research and development efforts, CGMS has
been a big bust. because they did not have the sense to force the payment
issue first Sadly economics dictate thatDocs cannot afford to buy stuff that
they can't bill for no matter how wonderful it is or how much good it will do.
I called up and as a physician had to call twice to get a couple of samples.
I'm glad I didn't buy the box, I like the sils better. after 18 months I have
a near painless way to insert them and the disconnect thing is a non issue
with me. I hear their new pump will just about lock up the supplies market. I
have always bought all my stuff from Hollywood Medical which is owned by
Minimed. I've spent thousands of dollars and the service has been great. I
love the pump and the company has been wonderful in their development efforts
but the tactics and marketing end has been less than exemplary. I'm
considering changing supplies companies. so, minimed lets revert to a more
kosher behavior pattern. no more oink oink.  spot
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