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Re: [IP] from pump to mdi's?

> Hi,
> This is probably weird but...  A while ago, because of batteries and
> softsets, I had to go back to multiple daily injections.  My blood
> sugar was in much better control.  Went back to pump and back to
> "not-so-good" control. After week back to shots. (Ultralente,
> Humalog).  Much better control?!  I'm trying to figure this out. 
> Has anyone got some ideas for me or have you experienced this?  Is
> it the fact that I don't have a "site" for 3 days, or the rotation
> of sites? Anyhelp would be great. 

Don't know if this is relevant or not, but I assume that you use 
plain humalog when on the pump and H + NPH or lente when off.
My daughter's bg's were very unstable pumping plain Humalog which she 
did after a couple of years of great stability pumping Velosulin. We 
found out that she was sensitive to straight H and tried a mix of H+V 
which produces stability like the V, but speed of absorbtion like the 
H. This phenomena is documented (not well) by the medical community 
and there are the beginnings of a scientific understanding about why 
it occurs. You might discuss with your doc pumping with just 
velosulin and see if that works. If it does then you are probably in 
the 5% or so of folks that have some sensitivity to Humalog in the 

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