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[IP] Placebo effect may be a myth

Here's an article that'll make some people scratch their heads:


Two researchers claim that there is no placebo effect. That is, giving a 
placebo, by itself, does not provoke a beneficial effect some of the time. 
If there is a beneficial effect, it's due to something else, such as a 
disease's "wax and wane". One may get better with a sugar pill because of 
chance. It has nothing to do with the effects of sugar or what we believe 
those effects to be.

This is one of the oddest conclusions I've ever heard. It is not yet 
proven, either. If true, it will change the way many studies are 
interpreted. If true, it will raise some very intriguing questions.

Indeed, what if there is no placebo effect? (Be _very_ careful with your 

regards, Andy
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