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Re: [IP] Eye check up

Hello Julie,
Normally 1 broken blood vessel is nothing to worry about.  There is a small 
section (the macula) in the back of the eye (the retina) where we see most of 
the visual world when we look directly at someone.  If a blood vessel breaks 
in that section, the extra fluid can cause bigger problems.  But they usually 
do not break there because there are not very many bolld vessles in that 
section.  That is one of the reasons you can see so well there.  When the 
blood vessels break outside that area, it is not severe bacause it really 
doesn't damage anything when there are only a few.  The phrase "broken blood 
vessel" and "hemorage" are much worse than they sound.  It isn't like when 
you get a cut or even poke a finger - the amount of blood is very small.
As your doc pointed out - it is nothing to worry about.  If it had been in 
the macula, he would have been more concerned.  The laser they do for this is 
when there is so much blood leaking out they need to seal the small vessels.  
Or if a larger area of the retina has been damaged, new blood vessels begin 
to grow but the newer vessels are not as strong and tend to leak more than 
the older vessels, so the laser is used to either seal those new vessels or 
destroy the area of the retina that is sending signals for help which causes 
the new blood vessel formation.
Hope that helps.  This is from personal experience as a diabetic with a few 
leaky vessels in the back and as an ophthalmic technician how works in an 
ophthalmologists office where we see many diabetics.
Andy Winters, ABOM, COA
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