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[IP] re: frozen shoulder

Hi Leslie,
I suffered from frozen shoulder a few years ago. My symptoms were a
constantly aching arm (didn't actually hurt at the shouler joint - this
is called "referred pain"), which would keep me awake for most of the
One obvious sign of a frozen shoulder is that you lose mobility to reach
behing your back and touch your shoulder blades or you can't extend that
arm as far back over your head.

Once diagnosed I was put on NSAID (non steroidal anti-inflammatory
drugs), which helped alleviate some of the referred pain. I went to
physio for 4 months, but in the end found that it was causing me more
pain than I could tolerate. I was advised by an orthopaedic surgeon to
have the arm rotated under anaesthetic and then continue on with more
intense physio.

At that point I decided that any proceedure that would not only rip
apart the adhesive tendons but also muscle and connective tissue was too
barbarian for me!
Plus I couldn't take any more of the pain from physio. In the end I
stopped everything and the shoulder eventually healed itself.... which
is common. Now mind you, I only regained about 70% of ROM(range of
motion), but I decided that I could live with that quite
comfortably...because there was NO pain.

Frozen shoulder can re-occur in the same or other shoulder. And yes,
diabetics are more prone to this, but I'm not sure why.
Here's a web page with lots of links on FS

best of luck with everything
Sue from Ottawa
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