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Re: [IP] How Often do you have Lows? (Poll)


  This is Sylvia, Josh's mom.  He has regular lows 50-60's, and you are right 
it is usually about the heavy activity level during the day.  And it mostly 
seems to happen in the late evenings or middle of the night.  That is why I 
still will get up at 2-3:30 and do a BG check on him.  That way I can also 
catch a high if he has one.  This eases my conscience to sleep!

  Anyway, it is hard to really predict what might have caused a particular 
low.  All we can do is watch our kids carefully and learn as time goes on.  
One time, early on, a year after dxd and he just started 1st grade, Josh 
crashed really hard at school.  911 was called and everything.  It was a real 
wake-up call for the school because Josh had told the teacher he wasn't 
feeling well and she just had him rest at his desk.  He never made it to the 
library that day!!!  Now Josh is old enough and more aware of his highs and 

  It is REALLY important that the person with or parent of a person with 
diabetes let others know about their condition.  This may be hard but it 
definately makes the old saying true..."two heads are better than one"  The 
more that know the better the chances of someone else perhaps catching 
something that is happening!  Now Josh's classmates are familiar with him and 
his personality and are aware of changes that can occur with his BGs.  These 
8-9 year old kids are actually quicker at picking up a problem than the 
school staffers.  I am very grateful for all of them!!!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua
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