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[IP] Spot's great advice

Spot (Dr. Bender) Said>>>>"...Life is precious 
jennee, embrace it, is this an implicit suicide attempt if it is get 
help. there are drugs that can help you and docs who are 
interested. I mean I'm interested and I never saw you. If his office 
calls to reschedule tell them you are off to see a doctor who 

Well said, Spot!!!  We all need reminding that we are essentially 
hiring a person to guide us in our endeavor to be healthy.  If we are 
not satisfied with the results, or need better guidance,  Fire the 
person and find someone who cares.  When I have had to change 
doctors for moves or whatever, I get recommendations from friends, 
check the nurses at the hospitals, and call and do a mini interview 
on the phone.  I have faked a health problem to get an appointment 
that my insurance will cover (don't tell on me, please) so I can 
meet the doctor.   My current PCP is a wonderful compassionate 
woman who is just outstanding.  She and my Endo swap reports 
and both are most supportive.    It's like, if they aren't helping you, 
what are you paying them for??  Sorry, but I get frustrated when 
people tell me how non caring their Doc is.  Like Doctor Spot!

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

PS -I have worn a MM507 & 508 for 6 years and never ever had a 
static problem.  Course here in Alabama, the humidity level is 
usually the same as the temperature, so few opportunities, exist 
for a test. 

Bonnie Richardson
Manager - Materiels Management
Ph: 256-535-2192
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