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Re: [IP] My pump is here!

In a message dated 5/23/01 10:21:11 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< It is so hard to wait, I just know I could set this puppy up myself. >>

I agree with Sylvia, get as well acquainted with it as you can.  The more 
things you've learned before your training, the more time and attention 
you'll have during your training to pay to things that have not made sense at 
first.  And more questions that can be answered at training will probably 
occur to you as you actually try to set things up.  And it can be a test of 
the idiosyncrasies of your pump  

When I started pumping on a MM507c in 1998, I had a pump that had a flaw in 
its lead screw mechanism.  It began alarming about 12 hours after I had 
hooked it up with saline in the CDE's office, and I spent a good part of the 
night on the phone with MM service being talked through changing a site (I 
was using sofsets but had left my inserter at the CDE's office <gr.>), lead 
screw test, etc. -- until it alarmed while I was doing one of their tests 
while the pump was detached from me, and they  said they would just send me a 
new one.  The pump had not shown this problem until it had been pushing 
saline out for a number of hours, but if I had filled it and set it running 
when I first got it, I would have probably found the problem before I was 
actually hooked up, and gotten some sleep that night <gr.>.

Linda Z 
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