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Re: Subject: [IP] Insulin Resistance in Type Is different numbers for different kinds of diabetes do we really know more or what?

I agree with you 100%.
I often am concerned that there is such a stereotype about Type 2 diabetes
that medicine may not be looking at other possible causes other then being
overweight. FYI, my father in law was type 2. Skinny as good be (120 pounds)
go figure that one.
With stereotyping the focus is set on such narrow causes it can leave out
other problems causing it. Why can't it be auto-immune?  It could be. I know
many type 2's with other auto-immune diseases. Weight doesn't seem to be a
factor with them.
I use to think all type 1 were very skinny people- not true either!
We have a long ways to go don't we? Type 1.5 is being used by doctors so
those aren't useless terms. When I was trained in the medical field my
instructor use to tell us there really is No textbook case. Such it is with
diabetes it appears.
Thanks for keeping your ducks. I never shared this but your ducks and the
ugly ducking were the things that taught my brain to be able to begin
relearning how to concentrate and make out differences in things. I have
brain injury and lost ability to comprehend or to make things out in
pictures. I remember the one day when I wrote and said I could see the ugly
duckling-It may have sounded silly but it was a milestone for my brain and
for me- Thank you!
I'll never forget your ducks and I still look at them.
Ginny-amazed at what ducks can do!
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