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Re: Subject: [IP] Insulin Resistance in Type Is different numbers for different kinds of diabetes do we really know more or what?

Andrew Bender M D wrote:
>  don't obfuscate the problem with meaningless numbers such as type
> 2.5/3 or even 7   where are the ducks when you need them?

They're out in the back yard in their invisible duck pond, enjoying the
MARVELOUS late spring/early summer weather!!!!!

Anyway, it seems to me that as far as TREATMENT goes, it's best to use
whatever works!!! I used to agonize over whether I was Type 1 or Type 2,
but I finally found the place where it doesn't matter to me any more.
All I care about is that I get the treatment that works for me -- and I
seem to have found it, so I'm totally uninterested in changing anything!
And the only reason I call myself Type Weird is so that no one (and
especially no doc!) will try to stuff me into a pigeonhole and attempt
to change my treatment.

As far as research, I think etiology is extremely important, because
knowing that helps guide efforts toward a cure of all kinds of diabetes.
The etiology of Type 1 is reasonably well defined, but they don't have a
clue about Type 2.  If there are several contributing factors to the
development of Type 2 diabetes, it would be nice to know what all of
them are, because it may be that several things need fixing, and
possibly different things in different people. 

My biggest resentment (as many of you probably already know) is when the
media blames Type 2 solely on obesity and then tries to pretend that
obesity is a choice. There is no acknowledgement that maybe it's the
messed-up metabolism that leads to obesity and not the other way around.
Of course, when there's not enough food, no one is obese (but many are
dead of starvation or ill and stunted with malnutrition), but that is
not a reasonable demand in a lucky country like ours. 

I'm in agreement with the idea that we really don't know much at all
about metabolism, and obesity will eventually be found to have a
biologic cause, and that treatments or even a cure will eventually come
about. But meanwhile don't blame the victim!

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 Natalie A. Sera, with all her ducks in a row!
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