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Re: [IP] Quik Sets

Monday  I had to order supplies-I ordered 3 boxes softsets and 1 box
Quick-sets with the inserter.( 4 boxes is my 3 month supply with changing
every 48 hours and no room for any sets to go bad)  I got called back
yesterday saying i couldn't order the quicksets because our insurance BC/BS
Choice wouldn't cover a mixed order. MM wanted me to order all qUICK SETS
but I was only sent ONE sample so didn't want to order all Quicksets. Anyway
the order of softsets is being sent and i paid for one box of quicksets PLUS
inerter (why can't that be included?) so I had a huge bill.
Maybe insurance won't allow a mixed order but we will find out today.
email @ redacted
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Sent: Wednesday, May 23, 2001 8:47 AM
Subject: [IP] Quik Sets

> All,
>      Curious if anyone else has been having a VERY DIFFICIULT time with
> Minimed and asking to switch out our Auto-shipped supply of soft-sets for
> new much more user friendly quik-sets?  I called last night and was
> told, too-bad, "we can ship you a sample".  Needless to say I was a little
> upset since MM shipped me 6 boxes of soft-sets and knowing the soft-sets
> NOT adhere well in the hot humid environment of Florida, go figure.  So,
if i
> cannot get a more positive response from MM i am not quite sure what to
> maybe send the pump back, that would get their attention or maybe not.
> Anyhow, any advice gang?
> Furb :o}
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