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[IP] problems with eating ice cream

I used to enjoy having a bit  of ice cream before bed if my numbers were good.
 I hadn't craved anything like that before IDDM, but I guess it felt like a
'reward'. I started getting serious cramps afterwards. Almost to the point of
getting to the ER. Turns out that I was 'lactose intolerant' or something to
that effect.

It was demoralizing. As in 'what else can go wrong...'  I started substituting
Tofuti (comes in pints or little sandwiches).  The chocolate ones are pretty
good. They also can zap a low quicker than anything I've tried.

Personally the Lactaid did not seem to work. But- good news- my 'intolerance'
seems to be going away after 3 years. There also may be some diary products
that you can eat. A good Reggiano parm :~)

And, as an Addisonian, some nice, salty parm is MUCH more important than ice cream.

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