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[IP] docs soon???~~ still waiting!~~~

Subject: [IP] docs soon???~~ still waiting!~~~

Hi everyone.
I am just writing to say hi! Hope everyone is doing ok. I am ~~ I guess.
My birthday is coming up and I cant wait!!
A doctors appointment FINALLY  is coming up for me too. I havent seen a doc 
since nov. 99.  He decided he didnt want to see me anymore and well I was
shuffled back and forth between lists and waiting.  IF his office clls and
says "sorry we have to reschedule..."  I will be very upset and say I dont
think so. You can change your schedule, this is too important to me "

I am also waiting for the pump i was supposed to get in March. hh hum.
the person sending it ""keeps forgettting, and has other things to do ""
Hmm....  I am giving up on this pump and giving up on my hopes and
dreams............  :(
Oh well I guess the shots have got me this far (9 years)  they can take me
the rest of the way.
WEll thats all my news. Hope eryone is ok and still enjoying the awesome
love you all,
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Did your doc read the stuff in the literature about diabetes or is he too 
busy. He doesn't sound like a good doc to me. maybe you have pissed him off 
and he wants you out of his life. If you are 9 years into your diabetes and 
are a woman he should be seeing you every six to eight months. you should 
have a complete exam with your clothes, sox and shoes off, he should look 
at your feet, look into your ears and eyes, listen to your chest feel your 
neck, armpits, boobs and belly. Is he an HMO doctor? what fool is supposed 
to send you the pump and keeps forgetting, sounds like HMO stuff to me. do 
you read any of the diabetes literature like forecast or countdown, I do 
like the countdown puzzles diabetes interview or the Lilly throwaways, the 
womens health organization stuff about getting a mammogram, pap smear and 
pelvic exam or are you in a cave on the river of denial. Life is precious 
jennee, embrace it, is this an implicit suicide attempt if it is get help. 
there are drugs that can help you and docs who are interested. I mean I'm 
interested and I never saw you. If his office calls to reschedule tell them 
you are off to see a doctor who cares.
spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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