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[IP] What foods do you choose to no longer eat since having DM Was: regular pop

From: "Shannon James" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] What foods do you choose to no longer eat since having DM 
Was: regular pop

This soda pop thread started me thinking about the foods I just don't 
with eating anymore since I have been diagnosed.  Even though with the pump
one can theoretically eat whatever he/she wants by balancing the insulin to
carb ratio I just don't bother with some foods because they aren't worth it
to me.  Here are the foods I don't eat anymore (very short list):

1. Any caloric beverages (I would rather eat my carbs than drink them).
2. Rice (it packs too much of a carb punch for me to bother with it)
3. Cereal (since it's usually a breakfast food and I'm more insulin
resistant in the mornings, I don't bother)

Not much of a sacrifice!  I do drink juice if I'm low but other than that I
don't want to gulp down something I have to bolus for.  I know there are
people who can't stand diet soda so to them it's worth it to bolus for a
coke.  I'm wondering what other pumpers avoid out of personal choice?
I agree with you in some respects but you sound like you might have had an 
eating disorder when you were younger. I like cereal, I too am more 
resistant in the morning, I like rice in Risotto, especially the way my 
daughter makes it for dinner. when you start pumping you almost always lose 
weight as your body has little reason to want food unless you run your butt 
off. I would add Lager beer to my like list and a local brew, Yuengling 
"Black and Tan"  both of which are high in carbs. I can't stand the taste 
of regular soda anymore.

spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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