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[IP] static MM pump problems.

> have heard about the minimed pump, but afraid of the electrostatic 
I have read about. Has anyone had this problem which put made them ill 
to go into DKA or

this is a known issue with minimed, BUT they send you your pump in a 
case with a special type of lining that eliminates this problem (or reduces
the chance greatly)... you can also put a fabric sheet in any other type of
case you may use and this helps too!  i don't think it is as big of a 
as some might think, but then again, YMMV!!
- ----------------------------------------------------------
Have used the pump in a very dry environment, not like Alabama, for over a 
year and never has he memory wipe out from static problems. never had any 
wierd errors on the pump, only problem is that the pump is so reliable i 
have no excuses anymore for being late for teaching my class. Can fall 
asleep on the subway or in bed without worrying that i'll have a low or 
ralph my guts out from early DKA.  In 20 months of pumping it has proved 
reliable and my A1c Hgb is now 6.0 I admit I had a few bad lows because I 
chased my sugars too much. Lots of Minimed users there in ALabama. Love my 
minimed pump ut would love any pump. MDI stinks

spot, t1 40 years
A.L. Bender, M. D.
email @ redacted
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