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[IP] frozen shoulder

Recently I logged on and found some of you writing back and forth about a
condition called Frozen Shoulder......I'd really appreciate some more
information on it because it may very well be a problem that I have been
dealing with for awhile now.What are the reasons why they are linking it to
diabetes? What is the difference between tendennitus and frozen shoulder?
(someone on the site referred to it as "Adhesive Capulitis")
I'ts very frustrating trying to deal with multiple problems at once. I know
that all of you can relate in dealing with diabetes on a daily basis. I have
herniated discs in my lower back that I am currently getting cortisone
injections for. I had felt it was the lesser of evils, because I don't want to
have surgery if I can avoid it. Physical therapy wasn't doing it on it's own.
Due to the injections, I am having a horrible time in controling my sugar
levels. I've only been on the pump for a few months so still learning the ins
and outs of that.......needless to say, I am a bit  overwhelemd at the
Back to the shoulder business, my symptoms sound similar to what you have all
discussed. I have some chest pain and underarm discomfort also and wonder if
they could be other symptoms of this condition. Any other comments would be
appreciated. I'd like to have something more concrete on the term so I can
approach my orthopedic doctor about her opinion if this could be it. ......
Oh also, those of you have delt with this condition, does it reacurr? Thanks
ahead of time!!!  Leslie Soos
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