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RE: [IP] quick sets - disconnecting

This was confusing for us at first but we got the hang
of it after our 6 year old son, who's actually the
pumper, got the hang of it.  The trick is not to grab
the bottom part of the QuickSet - only push lightly on
the tabs on top.  It's a much gentler pull than what
you do w/ the SofSet QuickRelease.  

Also, we find that after bath/shower that it's a
little stubborn, and if we wait about 5 minutes, it
goes on smoother.  I think it's from the plastic part
that's still inserted expanding from bath heat, and
the other piece still being at room temp.  We also
make sure to prime just before reconnecting, because
the 1-way valve going into the disconnect seems to
allow air in if the disconnect piece is held above the
pump (siphon effect), so we make sure to clear any
possible bubble.  

Good luck!
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6

Anyway - I like how easy they went in and my sugars
have been good, but I am having the hardest time
disconnecting.  I have showered by clipping the pump 
to the top of my shower door and that works OK.  My
husband was able to disconnect for me but I have had
the hardest time coordinating my hands and not pulling
the set out of me to disconnect.  Does any one have
any tips on the best way to disconnect.  Please
help!!!!!!  Debby

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