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[IP] Fruity breath (was, "weight gain and site problems")

>>That fruity-smell you get if you are DKA is your body
excreting the sugar through your saliva because it couldn't
get rid of enough through the urine.(Very bad) <<

Not exactly! There is more to this pathology:

The fruity breath odor is acetone, a hydrocarbon that is
dissolved in the blood, and exhaled via the respiratory
system, and also in the urine.

The sugar excreted by way of the urine is all the sugar that
didn't get transported to the cell from lack of insulin,
PLUS glucose from the protein and fat sources that break
down in this starvation state.  The excess blood glucose
pulls water out of the cells in an attempt to dilute the
blood glucose level. Without insulin, this leads to
excessive urination and dehydration.

Yes, there will be sugar in the saliva, and other body
fluids, but that is not the source of the odor.

Barbara A. Bradley, MS, RN, CDE
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