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Re: [IP] Summer News And Some Set Questions (Long) :-)

i currently get disetronic pump supplies through medicare. I use Tenders
and was surprised to learn that they will only supply the single tube
and infusion set, ie if you change infusion set every 3 days you change
the tubing as well, wasting insulin etc. in the past (pre-medicare) i
did like i was taught and used 2 infusion sets 3 days each with the same tubing.

T1 82 Htron 99

Melissa Collins wrote:
> Also, my CDE and I were talking about Tenders and we
> got into the discussion of how long the tubing was
> supposed to last.  I said it lasts 6 days; 3 days for
> the first cannula and 3 days for the cannula that
> doesn't come with tubing.  (I use Tender two's.)
> Anyway, she was telling me that the tubing only lasts
> 3 days according to Disetronic and that I should be
> changing the tubing along with the cannula.  I then
> asked her why that is true if Disetronic offers boxes
> of sets with 20 cannulas and only 10 sets of tubing.
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