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[IP] Kidney/Pancreas transplant

Hi everyone!  I'm T1 for almost 9 years and pumping since Jan. 2000.  I am 
not writing anything about myself today, though, and this really isn't about 
insulin pumping, so please forgive me!  My Mom just had a kidney/pancreas 
transplant on Sunday (actually Monday morning!)  It has been such a miracle, 
and also the scariest thing I've ever experienced.  She's had diabetes for 
almost 35 years and was doing peritoneal dialysis at home for about a year.  
Immediately after the surgery her blood sugar came down to the mid 90's and 
has stayed there ever since, and her new kidney is filtering her urine 
wonderfully.  So far our biggest concern is that her blood levels 
(hemoglobin, etc.) are running low and they may need to do a transfusion.
At any rate, I'm feeling very overwhelmed...I have so many questions about 
the anti-rejection drugs, what the long-term prognosis is, other short-term 
complications, etc.  If anyone has any knowledge or sites to contact I would 
really appreciate it.
Feel free to email privately at email @ redacted
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