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RE: [IP] Summer News And Some Set Questions (Long) :-)

So, that leads me to a couple of questions:
1.  Why does Disetronic believe that it is okay for a
beginner to do this supposed unhealthy behavior and
not someone more experienced?  (In other words, why
should they encourage this behavior if it is incorrect
- especially to those who are just learning about
this?)  Or do you all just think my territory manager
and his supervisor don't really know what they are
talking about?
2.  For those of you who use Sils, does MiniMed offer
complete sets only or do they too have boxes with more
sets than tubing?  If so, what is MiniMed's position
on this issue?  (I'm curious to see if it is the same
as Disetronic's.)


1.Disetronic is probably think that beginners will crimp or otherwise make a
set unusable before the three days is up.  So that the tubing won't be used
for the full six days.

2. Minimed does (or at least they used to) offer the boxes with more sets
than tubing.  What I was told. was to replace the tubing every other set

Currently, I only change the tubing when I change my insulin cartridge which
is about every 5 days.  I change my sets every three days.

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