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[IP] Summer News And Some Set Questions (Long) :-)

Hey Everyone!  

How are all of you doing?  Just wanted to let you all
know how my summer was doing, plus I need to ask you
all for some info.....  :-)

First off, summer's been going very well for me.  I've
been attending lots of doctor appointments so far (at
least one or two each week since school has gotten
out) and I get to see my endo this Friday.  Should be
interesting.  I've decided that I need to practice
severe avoidance to my PCP since he said that the next
time I see him, I not only will get to have a TB test
done, but I also am going to be getting the joyous
TETNUS shot.  Joy, joy....  :-(

Also, I am currently in the process of applying to get
a guide dog, so I have been trying to get everything
straighted out.  It looks like I will get one next
summer (if I can get one at all) since it's probably
too late for me to get one this year unless I get
really lucky and get approved by the end of this month
because I can't take any time off from school and I
need to go during the summer.....  Wish me
luck!*Hoping*  :-)

Now, on to the questions: the other day I was over at
my CDE's office, and she was showing me how to put in
a Quick-Set.  My question: Is it supposed to bruise
when you use the inserter?  The set hurt while it was
in, but I kept it in because I wanted to try that set
and because I was trying it at a differet spot than I
usually put sets.  When I took the set out, it was a
nice dark purple....  (See, I really am a purple sugar
eater!)  ;-)

Also, my CDE and I were talking about Tenders and we
got into the discussion of how long the tubing was
supposed to last.  I said it lasts 6 days; 3 days for
the first cannula and 3 days for the cannula that
doesn't come with tubing.  (I use Tender two's.)

Anyway, she was telling me that the tubing only lasts
3 days according to Disetronic and that I should be
changing the tubing along with the cannula.  I then
asked her why that is true if Disetronic offers boxes
of sets with 20 cannulas and only 10 sets of tubing.

So, the other day my territory manager and his
supervisor visited my CDE and she made a point to ask
him about this.  (My CDE believed me, she just didn't
know why the company would say one thing and mean -
sell - the opposite.)  

The supervisor told her that yes, they do offer sets
like I was buying, but they were for BEGINNERS and
that really the tubing should be changed with the
cannula change because it is more healthier.  He said
that the "more advanced" pumpers switched over to the
other method - changing the tubing with each cannula
change - as soon as they were "more competent" with
putting sets in and this was the company's
recommendation for set changes.

Now, I'm certainly not the oldest pumper here, but I
DO think that I know more than a beginner.  (What,
does pumping over a year mean nothing???)  And
besides, I think I do a VERY good job with putting
those sets in despite my hatred of needles!  I like
this method (Tender two's) because it saves on
insulin, it takes less time for me to do set changes
every other time I change my set, I like the idea of
less trash being thrown away and I like the added
advantage of putting a set without tubing in my
emergency kit since it means that it is a quick change
if my set were to suddenly go bad while on the road.

So, that leads me to a couple of questions:
1.  Why does Disetronic believe that it is okay for a
beginner to do this supposed unhealthy behavior and
not someone more experienced?  (In other words, why
should they encourage this behavior if it is incorrect
- especially to those who are just learning about
this?)  Or do you all just think my territory manager
and his supervisor don't really know what they are
talking about?
2.  For those of you who use Sils, does MiniMed offer
complete sets only or do they too have boxes with more
sets than tubing?  If so, what is MiniMed's position
on this issue?  (I'm curious to see if it is the same
as Disetronic's.)

My CDE said she needed to research on this issue
further because she doesn't really use this type of
set that much - she prefers the straight-angle sets. 
What neither of us can understand is Disetronic's
position of it not being as healthy and yet
encouraging others do do this by offering it for sale
in this manner.

I personally don't really care since I've been doing
it this way and have had no problems to-date.  (Knock
on wood!)  But I WOULD like to know why my territory
manager's supervisor seemed so against it to my CDE.  

I plan on still doing things this way until told
otherwise, but in the meantime, I thought I'd throw
this one out to all of you.  Please respond to me
privately, as I have very little access to the
Internet over the summer.  

Well, sorry this has been so long.  I gotta get going;
my ride should be here any minute.  (I'm at the
library.)  To my Disetronic Chat friends, I'll try to
chat with you the next time I'm over at my cousins'
house.  (I'll e-mail you all with the details when I
know more info.)

To everyone else, have a good summer!  Pump hugs!  :-)

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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