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[IP] Hormone cycles before Menses & Insulin Spikes

Beginning in February, my ten year old daughter has been running high for 3-4 
days (needing about 15-20% more total insulin) every 27-28 days (like clock 
work for 3 months in a row now).  .  . She hasn't yet started menstruating, 
but is big for her age and has been show other signs of impending pubesence 
for about 2 years . . . 

Has anyone else out these had this kind of experience with otherwise 
unexplainable highs?  And, if you did, how long did this go on before your 
daughter actually started menstruating?  Also, what types of adjustments to 
basals do all you lady pumpers tend to make and do you find you need to 
increase you insulin before or during your actual period?
Thanks a BUNCH!
"PumpMama" to Katie (10)  Dx'd 11/8/00 -- Saline start on "Elvis" (Our Animas 
R-1000) scheduled for Thursday and an Insulin start set for June 1 
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