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Re: [IP] weight gain and site problems

I love the quick sets. I was on the silhouettes before, which worked great. 
But inserting hurt like sin in a few parts of my stomach. I tried the 
sof-sets for a period of about a week and ended up going back to silhouettes 
because the sof-sets kept kinking, coming out, itching, untaping,etc. I know 
they work great for some people, but not for me. I have been using the quick 
sets for a couple of weeks and the tape sticks great. I've also had a lot 
less site redness when I take them out. I'm venturing a guess that it's 
because no part of the canula and site is exposed to air, the way they are 
with the silhouettes. I'm going to test this in June, as I am a counselor at 
a diabetic camp. I end up changing my site every other day there, as it gets 
red quickly, I'm guessing from the forest dirt. 
Does anyone have any tips for getting the quickset inserter to work more 
easily? I have a hard time getting the buttons to push all the way. They seem 
to get stuck. Other than a learning curve with the inserter, I really like 
the quicksets.  Good luck finding what works best.

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