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[IP] weight gain and site problems

I was told by my Endo that the weight gain for new pump users is typical and
can be explained because your body will 'waste' the extra sugar in your
blood when your blood sugar gets to high. Most people on shots have slightly
more sugar in their blood than they have insulin in their body to use at
some point even if their A1c's are good just from the timing perspective. So
the body will excrete the extra sugar through urine. If the body can't keep
up we can go into ketoacidosis. That fruity-smell you get if you are DKA is
your body excreting the sugar through your saliva because it couldn't get
rid of enough through the urine.(Very bad) Non-diabetics excrete extra sugar
through urine as well but not nearly to the same extent. This is why in the
early days of diabetes, they used to test the blood sugar via urine test
strips, similar to the 'older style' ketone test strips. (They now have
ketone test strips that you can use in your  blood glucometer - Precision
Xtra is one and I was told there was another company as well but can't
remember the name...) It made sense to me but maybe my explanation isn't the
best. The pump acts more like a non-diabetic body giving a little bit of
insulin at a time and hence more efficient use of the sugar and less has to
be excreted. I gained ~ 7 pounds over the last year (very happy needed the
weight desperately).

I do have a question (I have been dx for 6 years and pumping (508) for 1
year). I am using the soft-set by mini-med and recently my stomach has begun
to itch like crazy. I have tried different tapes and wipes that minimed sent
me and it is better but still itches. My stomach was so sore or raw that I
switched to my thighs with no problems. It has been almost 2 weeks and my
belly has almost recovered. My Endo has me using hydrocortisone sp? cream
and it seems to be helping. Any past experience and new tape/wipe combo that
works? Minimed sent me two of everything and said try them all.  Also,
anybody use the new quick set by minimed? How does that compare? 

I appreciate any and all advice!
Donna in Orlando
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