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[IP] Re: Weight Gain and "pumping Kids?"

Hi all:  This weight gain thread got me thinking about our last endo
appointment.  We are the ones who have an anti-pump Endo.  When we went we had
a beautiful A1C, so the only thing the endo could say was that our son had not
gained weight.  He had not gained in 4 months, not lost either, he was exactly
the same.

Now, I got to thinking about it, and I would think that GAINING weight after
pumping 6 months would be something the Endo would have jumped on us for?  One
of the Endo's anti-pump arguements is that people only want it so they can eat
like pigs and cover themselves with insulin...so if he had gained weight I bet
the endo would have gone the opposite way.  The Endo was LOOKING for something
to get us on as our numbers are so nice and we obviously have better control
than before. (We had gone from a 9.9 A1C all-time high to 7.4.)

Correct me if I'm wrong??

(son 5, email @ redacted, pumping 9.5 months)
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