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Re: [IP] Re: ketoacidosis question

chris parsons wrote:
> When I was first diagnosed T1 (age 40) I was in DKA. I feel like it
> slowly developed over many weeks if not months. However when pumping I
> believe it is a whole different story and can develop over a day or two.
> I may be wrong and of course YMMV.

When you were first diagnosed, you hadn't yet lost all your beta cells,
and the ones you had left were able to keep you alive during that
"getting sick" period. However, long-term Type 1's will have lost all
their beta cells, and as soon as the external source of insulin is cut
off, will go into ketosis immediately. It may take a couple of hours
before the ketones build up enough to start changing the chemistry of
the blood (thus ketoACIDosis), but the progression is fairly quick -- no
such thing as 7 weeks off insulin for anyone who has no beta cell

On the other hand, people who DO have beta cell function (like me), can
be off insulin for varying periods of time -- but the end result will
eventually be the same. That's because the working beta cells are
eventually overcome by the excess of sugar, and become unable to secrete
insulin, even if they're still alive. So the BGs continue to go up, and
eventually, you go into coma. That could take a long time, depending on
how your body functions.

Every once in a while, in the forlorn hope that the diabetes has gone
away when I wasn't looking, I try going off insulin. Last time I did it,
I went 3 days, but I used to be able to go longer. I always get driven
back to insulin by the fact that high BGs just don't feel good!!!!!!
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