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[IP] Re: Wearing pump while surgery

    Not too long ago several members wrote about their experience with pumps 
and surgery, so I'm sure you will get some good advice.
    A couple of weeks ago my 7 year old, pumping for 3 weeks, had major 
surgery at a major children's hospital.  I asked that she be allowed to keep 
her pump on and this was flat out refused.  It was the hospital's endo that 
made all these decisions, it had nothing to do with the surgeon or the 
anaesthetist.  (The endo had been my daughter's doctor until she refused us a 
pump and we went elsewhere to get it.) She was put on an IV insulin infusion 
and I was surprised to see how well it worked, bgs were quite stable for 14 
hours, and then started creeping up, so the rate was increased.  Her basal 
rate is .3-.4 hour  on the pump and the IV drip was set at .6, with a small 
amount of dextrose in the IV fluid.  As she could not drink for 48 hours, the 
IV worked okay and it was a bit of a relief for me to not have to worry about 
changing a pump site.  It was the nurse who had to decide that the IV site 
had gone bad and call the IV team in the middle of the night (traumatic).   
Once Claire could drink, I put her pump back on and bolused for the carbs in 
her fluids.  
    Insulin given in an IV infusion has the advantage that it can be turned 
off immediately if your bgs go too low.  It clears the system in 5 minutes I 
was told.  
    Just before Claire was taken into surgery I checked her bg with our 
meter, to reassure myself mostly.  The anaesthetist came back a minute later 
and asked if he could take the meter with him to test her during the 
surgery--he was quite taken with this fancy device!!!  We are using the Ultra 
One Touch.  I was surprised as I knew that some hospitals insisted on only 
using their own meters, but he said that they didn't have anything "like 
that" at all.   
    Good luck with everything.
Barbara, Mum of Claire 7
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