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Re: [IP] Re: Little black dress

> I think some photos are in order if we are to truly see just how
> well the pumps are hidden.
> How about it Ladies?
> We could create a slinky black dress section and charge for it. 
> Hum? Michael?

hmmmm..... this question comes up a BUNCH. If the ladies are willing 
to take the pictures I can make sure they are and look anonymous.
What we need is two pictures. One showing the lady with dress, or 
that "portion" of the lady where the pump is hidden, then a picture 
of the pump and .... whatever..... showing the hiding place.

Ladies, how 'bout it. Send me some pictures. A good for instance 
might be a picture of the bosom of a lady in an evening dress, then a 
picture of the pump shoved between boobs taken from above to show 
exactly where the pump is hidden, or clipped to strap under arm .... 
or whatever. I will carefully crop out any faces or extraneous 
identifying things so don't worry about what the picture looks like 
that you send to me. 

You can send me an attachment of a gif or jpeg file, or mail a real 
photo to me which I will scan.

email @ redacted
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